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Are Health Foods Really All That Healthy For You?

By: Jason Markum

We all want to eat healthy. But if you’re like me, you are just a little bit lazy. We don’t often like to do research, especially not when it comes to buying food! So we head down the aisles of the grocery store not exactly sure what we should buy, and then we look down to see a label that says “healthy” or “natural” or “additive free” or “no preservatives” or something else along those lines and we think; hey that looks healthy… so we throw it into our cart and we move on.

But what do those labels actually mean? If a label says “Healthy”, does that mean that food is actually healthy? If a label says “natural”, just what in the world does that actually mean? I mean everything is natural for the most part!

Unfortunately most of our food has fallen under the category of marketing when it comes to these “healthy foods”. You see, when a food is label as healthy and natural then the company can charge much more money for them because of the perceived added value of the food. When most of the time, the food is no different than any other food.

For instance, take a granola bar. We think of this as a very healthy snack food, but it actually has no more nutritional value than a Three Musketeers bar, heck – it doesn’t even have fewer calories usually. And most of the time those granola bars cost two or three times more than you would pay for a normal candy bar!

So what can we do about it? If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of time to go snooping around labels and doing lots of back research whenever you need to go grocery shopping.

Unfortunately there’s really only one thing you can do… and that’s to stay away from all processed foods, at least as much as possible. That means buying as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, as well as whole grain foods. And for protein, purchase fresh meat that you cook yourself…and try to stay away from meat that has a lot of fat in it. That means lean meats like skinless chicken and fish.

Cooking these foods are much more of a hassle than buying pre-cooked meals like tv dinner type foods. And if cooking them isn’t hard enough, you have to store them in your home after you have lugged them back home from the supermarket – which can be quite a hassle let me tell you.

But if you want to eat well, and live a healthy lifestyle without overpaying for fake “healthy” pre-processed foods, you don’t really have much of a choice. And take it from me, it might seem like an enormous hassle for the first few weeks, but after you get into the swing of things, preparing and eating real healthy foods isn’t nearly as difficult as it might first seem.

And really, your body will thank you for it in the end!

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