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Best Basketball Practice Schedule – The Definitive Guide

By: Jason Markum

I get asked this quest a lot, all the time really. It’s about the mechanics of practice, the scheduling. The question is this, what’s the best about of time to practice, and do I have to do it all at once?

That’s a really great question and one I want to answer in detail within this article.

First of all, how many hour should you practice each day? I’m talking about during the off season. During the regular basketball season you will of course be practicing two to three hours a day with your team and you may or may not find any extra time to practice.

But during the off season, your schedule is wide open. It’s good to have a set routine when it comes to practicing. But first, back to the question of how many hours.

This depends. I used to practice for four hours a day. But that was just me. If you practice more, you will have better results. If you practice less, you will have less results.

Basketball skill is a direct function of time spent practicing. Why is that? Because basketball, like many sports and even many musical instruments, is all about repetition. You have to train the muscles in your arm to release the ball at a certain velocity and arch every single time.

And the only way to do that, and I mean the ONLY way to do that, is to practice. Do it over and over and over until it becomes second nature. Do it until you can do it without even thinking about it because I promise you, when the game is on the line, you won’t have time to think about it, your muscle memory has to take over on its own.

The only way to do that is by practicing on your own.

You don’t have to do it all at once though. During the school year, (but not during basketball season) I would come home from school at around 3:30 and practice for two hours, till around 5:30. Then I would go inside and eat dinner with my family. At around six o’clock or so, I would head back out and get another two hours in.

Voila, four hours of workout every day, but it was broken up into two nice and manageable chunks that anyone can handle. When I was done around eight o’clock, that gave me time to do any homework I might have had to do.

Granted, it didn’t leave a lot of time to watch tv, play video games, or go online. Well actually, we didn’t have the Internet back then, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

How long you work out your game is totally up to you. But people like Michael Jordan practiced for eight to twelve hours every day when they were young. There’s no way around it. So if you want to be great, you have to work out. Period.

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