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How Often is Too Often in Email Marketing?

By: Jason Markum

When it comes to Internet Marketing, one of your most important tools in the old Internet Marketing tool kit is without a doubt email marketing.

It is easily the most important aspect of most Internet Marketing done online today. Why? Because if you build up a stable, targeted email list who are eager and interested in whatever it is you are selling, you can literally continue to market to them (and thus make money off of them) forever.

Not to mention the fact that email marketing is virtually free of cost once you acquire the names on your list. Sure, it may cost you some money to build the list (say if you advertise your ‘free’ newlsetter or eBook on AdWords in order to get people to sign up for it), but I’m not talking about that, rather I am talking about the expense of clicking a button and sending your list a targeted email.

That costs virtually nothing. Yeah, you have to pay your monthly or yearly autoresponder fee, but you usually don’t have to pay ‘per email’ you send out. In that sense, email marketing is virtually free.

This is compared, of course, to the old way we had to do it, which is direct mail through the good old fashioned post office. On the Internet, an email list of five thousand might be considered quite small. But offline, mailing out a direct mail piece to five thousand people costs an enormous amount of money!

Online though, you just type out your email, click a button, an whamo! Instantly your email is sent out to your list. You can even track exactly how many people open the email, and how many people click links in the email. You can’t do that with direct mail!

So taking all of this as fact, there’s one simple question that I get asked all the time about email marketing. That question is: how often is too often when it comes to emailing my list?

Sending out an email is so easy (and free!) that people are afraid that they might just over do it. Why? Say you send out an email and that email generates an instant three thousand dollars worth of sales.

I promise you the first thing you will think when that happens to you the first time is “I just made three grand from sending out an email, will I make another three grand if I send out a email tomorrow?”. We can’t help it! And since sending out that email is so easy (and FREE) you go ahead and do it! You’d be crazy not to!

The problem is, you get in a crazy loop and soon you find yourself sending out email every day, then several times a day, and before you know it your loyal subscribers are unsubscribing faster than you can blink and your email list becomes worthless.

So what’s a good rule of thumb? Mix it up! Send offers no more than once or twice a week, but in between offers be sure to send regular email that adds value. Free stuff. Free tutorials on your industry, free tips, free eBooks. Anything your reader might find useful, be sure to give them plenty of it.

If you mix up free content (I should say free GOOD content) in between your offers, you can increase the offers gradually over time till you find the sweet spot. And you will know when that is when the time comes as long as you ease into it and learn as you go.

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