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How to Become a Well Rounded Basketball Shooter

By: Jason Markum

I get asked this question all the time, by both parents and children alike. The question is: How do I become a well rounded shooter?

It’s a very good question, and an important question if you want to become a stellar super start type basketball player.

The problem with shooting is that it can become specialized. You are a good three point shooter, for instance. Or you are a good mid range shooter. Or you are a good free throw shooter. Or you are a good baseline shooter. Or you are a good hook shooter. Or you are a good pull up shooter.

That’s how it goes. People find their niche and the develop their skills around those niches.

If you think of yourself as a great three point shooter, chances are that you spend most of your time practicing thee point shoots.

That’s ok, but you won’t be a well rounded shooter if that is the case. And you probably wont transcend into superstar-dom that way. Michael Jordan could shoot the lights out anywhere.

The secret is to focus, not on only one main spot, but on all the spots. This of course takes much more work in the form of many more hours each day out on the practice court. But if you want to be a great player, and a great all around shooter, there is no other way.

To become a great all around shooter you need to focus on several areas. First free throws, it’s the easiest so I’ll get it out of the way first. Make fifty free throws every day. That will do it.

Next, three pointers. Pick 5 spots around the arch, two on the baseline, two on the elbow (or roughly around the elbow, but behind the three point line obviously) and one spot at the very head of the key. Make ten baskets in a row from each of those five spots every single day.

Next inside the arch, mid range. Take a step or two inside the three point line from each of the five spots you picked previously from the three point spots. Make ten baskets in a row from each of those five spots every single day.

Finally, off the dribble, or pull up. From each of those ten spots above (behind and inside the three point line) make ten in a row from each of those spots every single day.

This is a very hard workout. So start out making only five in a row from each of those spots till you get the hang of it. Even so, it should take you at least three to four hours each day to complete this work out.

But if you do it, I almost guarantee you will become the best shooter in your school’s history. The trick is to do it every single day.

And THAT is how you become a great all around shooter.

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