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How To Collect Claims From An Insurance Company

By Jason Markum

Nobody likes insurance… or I should say, nobody likes to PAY for insurance! But there’s nothing worse in the world than paying for insurance year after year after year only to be denied a claim when it’s finally time to collect!

I’ve been there so let me tell you. I was once in a car accident that had absolutely nothing to do with me. I didn’t do anything wrong and I had nothing to do with causing it. That’s to say, the other person was completely at fault. When it came time to pay, the other persons insurance refused to give me enough money to replace my totalled car.

What do you do? That’s what I’m going to talk about in this article today.

The first question people usually ask is, do I need to hire an attorney? Luckily you can negotiate with an insurance company without an attorney and stand a fairly good chance of succeeding as long as you play your cards right.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is talk to your insurance agent. Now be careful here, because you want to make sure your insurance agent is an independent agent and doesn’t work for the insurance company itself. If your agent works for the insurance company, he’s going to do what they tell him to do. But if he (or she) is an independent agent, then they should be your first line of defense. They know that if they want to keep your business in the future, they better go to bat for you today.

In many cases your independent agent will negotiate with the insurance company completely and you won’t have to do much of anything… Unless, they are unable to get as much money as you deserve and then you may have to go to work yourself or hire an attorney.

The problem with hiring an attorney is that they are expensive, and not all attorneys have experience dealing with insurance companies. If you do eventually have to hire an attorney, make sure that you hire one that has experience settling disputes with insurance companies. Most disputes settle out of court when it comes to insurance claims, so an attorney that has experience with that sort of thing is essential. You can’t just walk down to your local attorney and hire them.

If you hire an attorney, there are several different ways you can pay them. An experienced insurance attorney may work on a contingent basis. That means that they will take a cut of any money they recover from the insurance company; it also means that if they don’t succeed they usually don’t get paid anything.

Another payment option is a flat fee that you have to pay no matter if you win or lose. I highly suggest you stay away from such a bargain if at all possible. If your attorney is not confident enough in their own abilities, they may try and get a flat fee out of you right off the bat knowing well that there is little chance of winning. You want to stay away from the sort of attorney.

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