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How to Dribble Like a Pro, Even If You Are Tall

By: Jason Markum

Tall kids aren’t supposed to be able to handle the ball well. That is to say, tall kids aren’t supposed to be good at dribbling. I’m not sure if we think this because they are so much higher off the ground then shorter people or what, but it’s silly.

I am a tall person, so I know what I’m talking about.

But there’s nothing fundamentally that says a tall kid CAN’T dribble the ball well. There are no laws of physics stopping a tall kid from dribbling. In fact, most point guards in the NBA are tall compared to high school kids. Michael Jordan, for instance, is six foot six inches tall. That would have made him one of my high school’s tallest centers in school history!

But we don’t think of Jordan as tall because NBA centers are much much taller than that.

So if you are a tall kid and want to pick up some mad skills as a ball handler and dribbler, listen to the rest of this article carefully.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming a good dribbler. The only thing you need to focus on is practice. And when it comes to dribbling, there is only one form of practice. Know what that is? Yeah, you guessed it; it’s dribbling.

Get in the habit of taking a basketball with you EVERYWHERE you go, and dribble as you walk. Always. Try not to watch the ball when you dribble. Get in the habit of not watching as you dribble, make it just a part of you. Turn it into muscle memory.

And here’s another drill that you can do. Jog and dribble at the same time. Make it a point to jog at least one mile a day and while you jog, dribble the basketball. Jogging more than a mile is better, like three to four miles, but one mile a day is a good start.

But always dribble while you jog. Yes, it will look funny to those who see you, but do you care? You shouldn’t! And yes, it will be hard to do! You’ll dribble off your foot and lose the ball all the time when you first start doing it. But keep at it and eventually dribbling will become second nature to you, like breathing.

And a tall kid that can dribble is unstoppable at the high school level!

Here’s another good drill. You can make it into a game that is actually pretty fun. The only problem is, you need two or three other people, the more the better. Find yourself an open space, like a gym floor or parking lot. Then have one person dribble, and have the other two or three gang up on the dribbler and try to steal the ball.

Whoever steals the ball becomes the dribbler, and the others again try to steal it from them.

It’s an exhausting exercise but hugely beneficial and helpful in learning how to dribble well. If you can dribble around and keep two or three or four people from stealing the ball easily, thing how much easier it’s going to be when you actually get in a game situation and only find one person guarding you.

Dribbling is fundamental to the game of basketball. How well you can dribble, no matter what position you play, will determine whether you make the team or not, and whether you start or not, and whether you win or not.

So practice as often as you can on your dribbling.

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