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How To Dunk A Basketball No Matter How Tall You Are

By Jason Markum

If you’ve ever played basketball in a serious manner, and by that I mean on an organized team like at your school, or even just an intramural team; then chances are you’ve wanted to do just one thing… and that is to dunk the basketball.

Doesn’t matter who we are, it doesn’t matter how tall we are, and it doesn’t matter how old we are… we all want to dunk the ball, make no mistake about it!

The problem is, unless you’re born incredibly tall… you’d have a hard time dunking the basketball and you may not ever be able to dunk it. That is, unless you read this article today and put the tips that I’m about to give you to use!

The truth of the matter is, anyone can dunk a basketball. And I mean anyone. I’ve seen little guys that are just a few inches over 5 feet tall slam a basketball. Heck, we’ve seen short guys win the dunk championship at the NBA All-Star weekend. In fact, we’ve seen it happen more than once!

So how do you dunk a basketball if you’re not tall? Well it’s easier than you think. The trick is to strengthen the right muscles. That’s really all it comes down to, so if you’re willing to work your backside off, then you can dunk a basketball.

Most people focus on the wrong areas… they focus on the legs and especially the calves. I’m not going to lie to you, these are important things to focus on, but they’re not the most important thing to focus on. The most important thing to focus on are your abs and the muscles of your lower back.

Most people don’t even think about these things when they think about dunking a basketball, it’s all about the legs; they think! But it’s not true. The stronger your abs are, and the stronger the muscles of your lower back are, the easier dunking a basketball is going to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should neglect your legs and your calves… you should definitely work on those constantly. But working on them alone is not enough. You have to work on your abs and your lower back just as much if not more.

And if you really think about it, the act of dunking… heck, the act of jumping, is more about stretching your body up and elongating towards the rim. And that’s all about the abs. That’s how short little guys are able to dunk it, they work on their abs and lower back muscles.

So whatever workout you choose to use, make sure you focus a lot of time and energy on your ab muscles and your lower back muscles and you’ll thank me in the end.

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