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How To Dunk A Basketball – The Hidden Secrets

By Jason Markum

There’s nothing more exciting than watching someone go tearing towards the basket, soar high into the air, and throw down the basketball with a fierce slam dunk that brings the crowd to their feet.

But most of us weren’t blessed with larger than average height, or an inborn ability to jump high enough to dunk a ball. What are we supposed to do? Just not dunk it?

Hardly. The fact of the matter is this, almost anyone can dunk a basketball if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to work certain specific muscles. Granted, the shorter you are the harder and the longer you are going to have to work out those muscles in order to jump high enough to dunk it.

But if you are willing to put in the effort…and let’s not kid ourselves, its going to be a horrendous amount of effort that will be physically painful in a number for different ways…but if you are willing to put forth the effort, then you will be able to throw down dunks like the super star that I know you are.

But there is a secret to dunking that most people won’t talk about because they either don’t know about it or aren’t willing to give the secret away. I’m going to talk about that secret today. Knowing this secret alone will put you half of the way towards your goal of being able to dunk a basketball.

So enough with the suspense already…what’s the secret? Are you ready for it?? The Secret….is….


That’s it! Abdomens. Most people don’t realize that it is your abdomens that do a majority of the work when you dunk a ball. Think about it for just a minute and you will realize why. Think about the act of jumping. Or actually jump right now…I’ll wait… did you do it? Did you pay attention to your abs when you jumped? They actually do a lot of work, don’t they! And you never really thought about it before, did you?

Sure, leg muscles are important…sometimes very important…but without the proper ab workout to go along with it, you are going to have a heck of a time dunking the ball. Why do you think NBA start spend so much time working on their abs.

So incorporate a strong ab workout into your main workout strategy. And not just abs, also focus on your lower back because they are connected to your ab muscles and you can’t really have one strong without the other. Your lower back muscles put an equal amount of effort into helping you dunk.

So focus on building up your leg, especially calf muscles, but put an equal effort into ab and lower back exercises and you’ll be dunking like a pro in no time.

The more effort you put on abs and lower back muscles, the quicker you will see results and the higher you will be able to jump.

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