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How To Find Quirky Scholarships

By: Freddy Smith

Paying for college is just about the hardest thing most people ever have to do. It’s certainly one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to pay for. The only thing that I can think of that is remotely comparable, is buying your own home. But besides that, there’s nothing else that compares to the huge cost of financing a college education.

Sure, there are Pell grants, and there are the Pekin loan as well as the Stafford loan. These government financing options are wonderful, and many many students qualify for them, but they don’t generally cover the whole cost of a college education. In some cases, depending on the school you attend and whether it is a public state college or a private college, these government options barely scratch the surface.

So what’s a new student to do? Where can you find money to pay for college? Loans are good, if you can come by them. The problem with loans is you have to pay them back! The best option is a scholarship because you don’t have to pay them back.

Most people think that you have to be incredibly smart to get a scholarship. They think that you have to get great grades in high school in order to qualify for any sort of substantial scholarship. Nothing could be further from the truth… there are many scholarships available to students that have absolutely nothing to do with grade point average or academic qualifications of any kind!

All it takes is some person with money who has decided to set up a scholarship. They don’t have to have any reason at all, that’s to say, they can make up their own reason for giving money and dictate the qualifications that they require.

Here are just a few examples to pique your curiosity. Run a search at any major search engine for alternative scholarship opportunities and I’m sure you’ll find a huge list to research. Most people have never heard of many of these scholarships, therefore, competition is not all that difficult in some circumstances. But enough talk, onto the list…

There are scholarships for students interested in the study of fungus, students interested in the study of Cave research, funeral direction, horticulture, and even wine making. There are scholarships available for the children of glassblowers. There are even scholarships available for Rhode Island students who wish to study the Italian language!

Are you a female student who wants to learn how to fly a helicopter? There are scholarships available for you. Are you a Texas student who wants to study in Germany? There are scholarships for you too. Have you ever been a golf caddy who worked in New Jersey? Yup, there’s scholarships for you to.

There are even scholarships available to Indiana high school seniors who are dedicated to the thoughts and ideals of President Dwight Eisenhower, if you can believe it.

And perhaps my personal favorite are scholarships for students who are interested in dog breeding and dog showing.

This is just a very partial list, but hopefully it gives you an idea of some of the wacky things people will grant scholarships for. Chances are, if you’re interested in it, there is a scholarship for it and all you have to do is track them down and apply. Good luck!

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