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How To Invest In Diamonds

By Jason Markum

Investing in stock market is no piece of cake. In fact many individual investors have gotten burned on the stock market in recent years, and I won’t even mention the massive near crash of the stock market during the recession of 2008 to 2010 in which the savings and retirement plans of millions of investors were nearly wiped out overnight.

And if the stock market wasn’t bad enough, there’s inflation to worry about as well! With the current recession, the government has been printing money like never before which many experts believe will lead to runaway inflation throughout the years to come.

Many investors like to investing in gold as a hedge against inflation but the fact of the matter is, diamonds can also be a nice investment to hedge against inflation and the vagaries of the stock market.

It seems like most investors don’t know anything about diamonds or how to invest in them. Gold is fairly easy to invest in and fairly easy to research whereas diamonds are a whole different beast.

In this article today I’m going to give you several tips about how to purchase diamonds as well as how to sell them in case you want to cash in on your investment.

The first tip that I have about investing in diamonds is to tell you to only only only deal with a reputable firm. If at all possible only deal with a firm that has been in business for at least 15 years. It can be heartbreaking to purchase diamonds from a new company only to find out that the company has gone out of business several months later. You don’t want to find yourself in that situation.

Next I recommend that whenever you buy diamonds ask for a 30 day refund policy. Diamonds aren’t like cars that decrease in value the second you drive them off the lot. A diamond is forever as the saying goes, so a reputable firm should have no problem offering you a 30 day trial period. Be sure to understand thoroughly the liquidation policy that the company you work with has in place before you buy your diamond.

Next you should really know exactly what you are buying. Be sure to ask for a trade laboratory report issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These guys are the most respected laboratory for gems and their reports are recognized everywhere in the world. Three gemologists will judge your stone’s color, clarity, weight, and cut and describe them in detail.

Many of these reports will also list price comparisons to other diamonds of equal grade. This is a great way to determine whether or not you are being overcharged and another great reason why you should always insist on seeing the GIA report before you purchase.

Hopefully these several tips are enough to send you on your way down the path to diamond ownership. Diamonds can be a great investment and have proven their worth many times over throughout history in times of turmoil as well as times of peace and prosperity.

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