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How to Practice Three Point Shots

By: Jason Markum

On question I get asked over and over again, and I mean *over and over* again, is this: How do I become a better three point shooter?

Everyone wants to be a three point shooter because that’s where the glamor is, unless of course you can dunk the ball like a mad man.

So in this article I will discuss in detail, my method for becoming a really good three point shooter. I will talk about what you should do to practice three point shots, and how long you can expect to take to become a great three point shooter.

OK, so the first thing you need to understand is this. To become a great three point shooter, heck to become a great anything at basketball, there is only one way to do it. And that one way is to practice

It almost doesn’t matter how you practice, just as long as you do practice

Of course, once you reach a certain level of competence, it very much *does* matter how you practice Things like expenditure of energy and efficiency come into play eventually.

So here is my specific method. Pick five major spots along the three point line. I choose the two opposite ends of the baseline, the two opposite ends of the elbow (we’re talking roughly here, basically what you want to do is choose a spot roughly equally between the head of the key and the baseline diagonally out from the basket), and finally the last spot is at the top of the key.

Can you visualize those spots? Good. These don’t have to be exact spots, just roughly five spots equally apart from each other along the three point line.

Next step up to the first spot and start shooting. When you make five baskets in a row, move to the next spot. Do the same thing at the next spot, shoot till you make five baskets in a row, then move on to the next spot.

Do all five spots like this. When you first start out, it will take a very long time to make five in a row. This work out may take you two hours or longer when you first start.

Eventually, you will find it easy to make five in a row from each spot. When this finally happens, move it up to ten baskets in a row. This is much harder, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to knock out this workout in less than an hour.

Do it every single day. Always shoot from the same spots because it is important to build up muscle memory from specific spots.

In conclusion, that is my simple and very effective way to practice to become a great three point shooter. Do this for a summer, and when you start the season you will see huge improvements in your shooting. Do it for a few years, and you will become an all star. The trick is to do it every single day, day in and day out.

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