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How To Profit In Real Estate Investing

This current recession of 2008 to 2010 has really done a number on the stock market which has forced many individual investors to reevaluate their investment priorities. Many of these investors are starting to look for alternative forms of investing, one of which is real estate.

Now I know there’s been a housing market meltdown that has mirrored the stock market meltdown in many ways, but the fact remains the same that now may be the time to get back into real estate investing. Prices have dropped dramatically, sometimes as much as 30 or 40% on properties across the board in almost every location in America. That’s my way of telling you that there are some spectacular deals to be had at the moment which only promises to get better as time goes on.

Today I want to talk about a few ways to profit from the current real estate investing environment and give you some things to focus on that you may not have thought of just yet.

Today one of the best places that we’re seeing to invest in real estate involves multiple family buildings with up to 10 units. It’s best to invest in these multiple family buildings only in towns that you currently live in. Don’t try and buy two or three of these scattered across the country because with our current economy they may take more attention and more face time on your part to get them up and profitable which means owning one in the town you currently live is going to make things much more easy for you, at least for the time being.

The great benefits of these types of investments is that they’re small enough to be managed by the owner, you. One thing you’re definitely going to want to look into before you purchase is current laws regarding these types of buildings.

Many towns have rent control laws as well as non-eviction laws that make it much more difficult for you to get rid of tenants that aren’t paying the bills. In fact this may be why the current owner has had so much trouble that they want to sell. You can’t make a profit if your tenants don’t pay their rent and you can’t even evict them without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees and many months of time.

But, if you can find one of these rental properties in your area and there aren’t any adverse laws that would affect you, now may just be the perfect time to swoop in and get a deal. Don’t be shy about offering outrageously low prices because many investors are looking to sell at any price to get out from under their mortgages.

Many investors purchased the properties with variable or adjustable rate mortgages back when things were good and are now finding that they cannot refinance those loans because the current state of the economy and the current state of the banking market which is effectively freezing credit for many people.

So there you have one very simple way to profit in real estate, even during a recession.

Written By Jason Markum

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