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How to Promote a New Site With SEO

By: Jason Markum

One question I get asked all the time regarding search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO and SEM) is this; How do I promote a brand new web site on the search engines?

It’s a very good question! Most people don’t differentiate between a new web site and an old site, but there is a huge difference in how you market each of them when it comes to search engine marketing.

Why is that?

Another good question! It’s because the search engines, especially Google, view new sites different than old web sites. Google doesn’t trust a new site. It’s just not sure about it. Will the site be any good? Google doesn’t know!

So they aren’t in any especial hurry to list a new web site in their index.

That’s the first pit fall, here’s the second one…

Google like natural things. When it comes to sites, they like natural linking. It’s no mystery that Google ranks and indexes web site based on how many other sites are linking to it. Think of links as votes. The more links, the more votes. Then, the web site with the most votes wins and gets ranked higher.

BUT! Remember when I said that they like natural linking? Yes they do. And what this means is, when a new site is built, there won’t be anyone linking to it. There SHOULDN’T be anyone linking to it. Why would there be? It’s brand new, no one knows about it yet.

So in Google’s eyes, it should take TIME for a website to get linked to by other websites.

What does this mean in practical terms? A lot actually. It means that if you build a website and then the next day you go out and get two hundred other websites to link to you, Google will think that something is fishy! And in fact, something IS fishy.

Those two hundred other sites didn’t naturally find your site and link to you. Chances are those links are completely artificial. YOU posted those links by leaving forum posts, making social bookmark posts, leaving blog comments etc etc etc.

They are fake links. And Google knows this because your site just sprang into existence yesterday, it couldn’t possibly have gathered two hundred links naturally.

So what does this mean? When I build a new site, I submit it to Google Webmaster tools immediately. Then I wait a week! I do NOTHING for that week. Just let the big G meet your site and get to know it a little.

Then after that one week, go out and get one or two links. Then wait a couple of days. Then get a link per day for another week or so. Then wait another week. THEN go out and start slowly, gradually, building up links. Get two or three a day for a couple of weeks. Then get five or six a day for a couple of weeks or so, then ramp up into full steam linking strategies.

Yes, it takes a long time, sometime one to two months. But its shorter than blasting out of the gate with hundreds of links and getting sandboxes for six months into the Google Graveyard supplementary index.

Trust me!

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