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How to Score a Free Cruise Anywhere in the World

By: Jason Markum

There are tons and tons of travel guides and books out there that will teach you how to travel cheaply. Paris for four dollars a day, for instance. You’ve probably seen these books at the bookstore, or mentioned on your favorite Travel Channel show.

Traveling cheaply is good, make no mistake, but there’s something even better than traveling cheaply… and that is traveling for free!

Is traveling for free even possible? Hey, I’ll be the first one to tell you, if a thing seems too good to be true it usually is! But in this case it actually is possible for you to travel around the world absolutely free and in this article I’ll be discussing several ways that you can do that.

So what are we talking about here? Well to travel for free you need free transportation by air or by sea. You need free lodgings, that is hotels or something like that. And of course you need free food. Oh, and free entertainment would be nice too. So that’s basically what we’re looking for in a free travel opportunity.

The free travel Tip number one; complementary cruises. Many, if not most cruise lines will offer free passage to anyone who can recruit 10 or sometimes 15 paying passengers. A lot of airlines will also offer the same sort of thing. If you can’t get that many people to sign up for a cruise, let’s say you only get five or six maybe seven… you can still negotiate a discounted rate for yourself.

Recruitment not your thing? Then you can always sign up as an expert in some field. Historians are one example of the type of expert a cruise would like to get a hold of. Your job on the cruise is to simply present lectures to the passengers and be there to answer any questions they may have on your subject of expertise. It helps if you are distinguished, that is to say you have an advanced degree like a masters degree or PhD in the field in which you are claiming expertise in. And after you do this once, you can use the reference to get hired by other cruise lines much easier.

Free cruises can also be had if you are a doctor or even just a nurse and you’re willing to be on-call during the cruise. Many times the cruise will also offer you a slight salary in addition to your free cruise. And not just doctors, athletic directors and coaches who can help organize recreation, musicians and other entertainers who are willing to perform, and even hairdressers were willing to work a little during the cruise can all get free passage.

Another free cruise opportunity is a little more tricky… many cruises like to have what they call hosts. A host is an older gentleman, single, usually 50 years or older. It helps to be a distinguished sort of individual. A host’s job is to dine and dance with the older women on the cruise. I know, I know… but I just thought I would throw this one out there because it is a legitimate way to score a free cruise.

So there you have it several ways to travel for free! And some of them will even pay you money in addition to free travel, meals, and entertainment…

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