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How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

I love to play cards. I usually play with my friends and sometimes with my family, so I’m not too worried about getting cheated out of my money. But sometimes I like to play in larger games with people that I don’t know all that well, or at the casino. And while you generally don’t have to worry about getting cheated at the casino, they have excellent security to rival most nuclear missile silos, it’s still something that I keep in the back of my mind. And of course, when I play with larger groups made up of people who are not my close friends, I’m always on the lookout for a cheat.

One gambling survey that I read one time suggested that 10% of all card games have cheating involved in them. So here are some ways to protect yourself and make sure you never get cheated…

When somebody shuffles the cards, make sure they never take them entirely off the table, not for any reason whatsoever. Often times a cheater will mess with the deck while it is under the table and you can’t see just what they are doing. Sometimes they will switch the decks completely under the table or off the table and when it happens, you may not be able to see it.

Another way to cut down on cheating is to make sure that you cut the cards at least one time during every single shuffle. Do this by pulling out the bottom half and placing it on the top of the pile. This simple act can cut down cheating dramatically as long as you do it every time somebody shuffles. Make sure the person cutting cards is not the same person that shuffled the cards, and make sure the same person doesn’t cut the cards every time.

If you think the cards that you are using have been marked in some way then riffle the deck. While you do this watch the back of the cards. A marked deck, when rifled, will show an animated sort of thing when they are rifled. That is to say, the design will shift like those flip books you made when you were a child. Remember those little animated cartoons used to draw on several sheets of paper when you were little? When you rifled the paper quickly a cartoon danced across the paper? That’s what you are looking for here…

If the deck has not been marked, the design on the back will not shift or move it anyway when you rifle the deck. This is a very easy test that you can do any time to see if your deck has been tampered with.

How can you tell who has brought the marked deck? Well, this is a little tricky. You have to watch each player, and watch their eyes. The person who brought the marked deck, is the person who keeps their eyes glued to the cards in everybody’s hands. If you see somebody staring at the back of everybody’s cards, then they are probably the person who brought the marked deck to the game.

Finally, you should always sit with your back to the wall. This will help keep people from sneaking up behind you while you are not paying attention and looking over your shoulder to see what cards you have and then signaling to the other players. It also keeps surveillance objects, like video cameras, from seeing your hand as easily.

So there you have it! How to protect yourself and spot a card cheat before they steal all your money.

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