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The Importance of Staying Laser Focused in Internet Marketing

By: Jason Markum

I’ve been around the Internet Marketing scene for a long time. I mean a LONG time. I started Internet Marketing back in 1996 and made my first dollar in 1997. Back then there was no such thing as “Internet Marketing” it was just “Hey I think I can make some money online, let’s see if I’m right”.

There were no “guru’s” there were no experts, there was nothing. You couldn’t even go to the book store to get a book on how to build a web site, because there were no books about that sort of thing at the time!

I was in college at the time, 1996, I was a freshman. I decided to declare my major as Computer Science so that I could learn how to build web sites and Internet type software. I trooped down to my advisers office and filled out the papers declaring my major. Then I opened up the catalog of classes to pick some juicy Internet classes.

And….there weren’t any. Not a single class that related to the internet in any way. No web site development, no java, no HTML, no database design for Internet. Nothing.

So I dropped out and set out to learn this stuff on my own.

Why the background history lesson? Just so you understand that I know what I’m talking about when I say that I’ve seen it ALL online.

And time and time again I see newbies make the same mistake. What mistake is that? Well, I’m about to tell you. The mistake is they….

…don’t stay laser focused.

These days, Internet marketing seems to be about fads. This month affiliate marketing is hot, next month it’s SEO, the next month its AdSense, the next month its CPA, the next month its ebooks, the next month its…and on and on.

Newbies wander into the Internet marketing forums and read something that looks promising. Affiliate marketing, for instance, and they buy a bunch of home study courses and ebooks teaching them what they will need to know. Then they slowly start to put the techniques to effect. Then they head over to the marketing forums where the next new fad is being discussed.

They get excited! Oh! That looks promising! So they buy some home study courses and ebooks and start to do the new thing, completely ignoring the old thing that they never quite got around to fully implementing.

This crazy chain goes on for a year or so until they realize that they’ve spent four thousand dollars on marketing courses and ebooks and don’t have a penny in sales or profit to show for it.

At which point they declare that this internet marketing thing is a sham.

But you see what happened. They didn’t stay laser focused. In Internet marketing it’s easy to get distracted. Since it’s all online, we have a natural tendency to think we can do two or three things at once. You wouldn’t open a gas station, a restaurant, and a shoe store all at once in real life, but you might not think twice about opening an affiliate marketing program, an AdSense account, and creating your own ebook to sell all because these are online and seem less tangible and difficult.

That is a mistake. Focus on one thing and one thing only until you have built it up to make a steady income to whatever level you are comfortable with. Only then, should you branch out and try something else.

Stay laser focused if you want to succeed.

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