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The Power Of Joint Venture Marketing In Internet Marketing

By Jason Markum

Everybody knows that I love Internet marketing… but I’ll admit I tend to focus most of my time on the search engine optimization and search engine marketing aspect of Internet marketing. When I’m not focused on that, I tend to spend my time on advertising and affiliate marketing.

And I often overlook one of the most powerful forces in Internet marketing… and that is joint venture marketing.

First of all what is joint venture marketing? Quite simply, it is when you find somebody else that has a slightly similar background, or product line, or is in the same general industry yet is not a direct competitor of yours. You approach this person and offer to form a sort of partnership. I’m not talking about a legal partnership or corporation or anything like that, I’m talking about a partnership in a more general manner.

Imagine you have an e-mail marketing list of several thousand people, and now imagine the person you have identified as a potential joint venture-ee also has a marketing list of several thousand people. If you’re in the same general industry, then the people that subscribe to your list are probably interested in what your partner has to offer and vice versa.

There are several potential possibilities for such a match. For instance you might send out a note to all your subscribers telling them about your partners newsletter and suggesting that they subscribe for free. At the same time, your partner may do the same thing to his list. In this way, you both gain a massive and immediate inflow of new subscribers and therefore you both benefit.

You may take it a step further; instead of just recommending each other’s newsletter, you may go so far as to recommend each other’s products. In this scenario, you would create an affiliate URL and point your subscribers towards it. That way any sales they make from that website will be tracked and then you get a cut, a percentage of all the profits.

And of course, your partner would do the same thing with his list and your products.

There are infinite possibilities. For instance one popular method of joint venture is the tele-seminar. In this scenario you and your partner agree to do a telephone interview about your specific industry or product line or whatever. Then you either allow each of your lists subscribers to phone in and listen to the interview using a bridge line or conference call service, or you simply record the interview without an audience and then make the recordings available for download.

The idea is to create killer free content and towards the end of the call up-sell and convert the free listeners to paid customers. Basically just plug one your products towards the end of the call.

No matter what method you use for joint ventures, be it e-mail list swaps, product plugging, tele-seminars, or anything else… the point is that by finding somebody else in your industry with a similar product line and teaming up together, you can both benefit massively, immediately, and for the long-term.

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