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Three Steps to Quit Smoking For Good

By: Jason Markum

Smoking is a miserable habit. I know, I used to smoke at least two packs of cigarettes a day.

Quitting can be quite an ordeal, one that can seem impossible at times. But it doesn’t have to be so hard if you just know the secret and follow my three easy steps.

There are many methods of quitting available today. Most of them cost money, some of them cost a lot of money. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to quit smoking as long as you follow my foolproof three step plan. The plan doesn’t involve expensive “nicotine patches” or “nicotine gum”. It doesn’t involve any expensive prescription drugs. It doesn’t involve any expensive therapy sessions. And it doesn’t even involve hypnosis!

So without further ado, here are my three easy steps to quit smoking for good, and for free.

Step One: Schedule time to quit. Don’t just decide to quit and then start, instead schedule some time to do it. Two weeks is optimal, but a week will work too if you can’t find two solid weeks to get free. Try to get off work for this time. Try to get away from friends and family as much as possible. Don’t schedule anything else during this time. No dinner parties with friends, no work related trips, nothing. You want as much time as possible, free time that is, to focus completely on quitting.

If you can get off work for a week, do it! If nothing else, quit smoking on a Wednesday, and then take off work Thursday and Friday, then you also have the weekend. That’s five days right there (which is almost a week!).

Quitting is hard. The less other stress you have at the time, the better chance you will have of making it through the whole thing.

Step Two: replace cigarettes with something else, preferably some sort of food. I used Twizzlers. I suppose you could use pretzel rods or something like that. The thing is, you are used to holding cigarettes all the time. You are used to putting them to your lips. You need a prop of some sort to replace that for the first week or two when you first try to quit.

Pick something that resembles the general shape of a cigarette. I like Twizzlers because they are chewy. Chewing them gave my mouth something to do when I would usually be sucking on a cigarette. This really helps you control your cravings and is a very important part of my special three step system.

Step Three: this is the last step and the most important. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! The reason why a lot of people can’t quit is because your body has lots of nicotine stored up in there. Its in your blood! You have to flush it out and the sooner you do that, the sooner the cravings go away.

I kept two pitchers of water in the fridge and whenever I got a craving I poured water from one of the pitchers into a large thirty two ounce McDonalds cup and drank it down right then and there. In fact, you shouldn’t leave the kitchen till you finish the glass.

Then I would refill the pitcher with tap water and move it to the back of the fridge to get cold. I would then move the other pitcher that was still full of cold water to the front of the fridge for when my next craving hit, usually around a half hour to an hour later.

You can imagine, I went through a lot of water that way! But it’s a great way to flush your system very quickly and it gives you something else to think about and something else to do when a craving hits. Usually by the time I finished drinking that massive glass of water I found that my craving was mostly gone!

Those are my three steps to quitting for free.

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