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What To Focus On The Most For SEO Success

By Jason Markum

I love search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Where else can you get tons and tons and tons of very highly targeted website visitors to your site for free month after month? Nowhere that’s where!

The problem with search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s called, is that it’s really hard to do. It’s not hard because the act of SEO work is inherently hard, it’s hard because there is so much contradictory information floating around the Internet that ordinary people don’t know who to listen to, what to focus on, or even what things will get them into trouble with the search engines.

And that’s what I wanted to write this article for you today.

First of all the main division in search engine optimization work is whether or not to focus on on-page factors or off page factors. That’s mainly what I want to talk about today.

On page factors include things like creating optimized title tags, and meta-description tags, and keyword density, and keyword research. And these things are important to be sure, but they are nowhere near as important as off page factors. Keyword research is the most important on page factor without a doubt. Because picking which keyword to focus on can make or break any SEO effort. Pick the wrong keywords, and you won’t get listed at all at any of the major search engines. So in that respect, on page factors can be important… but even if you do all the on page factors correctly, if you don’t handle the off page factors you get nowhere fast.

So what exactly are off page factors? Well in my mind, there’s only one main off page factor that you have to worry about… and that is linking. Search engines rank websites almost exclusively based on how many other pages link to them. And not just the number of pages that link to you, but the quality of those pages are major factors in the minds of the search engines.

Here’s an example… imagine your friend Josh has a website, it’s not very popular website, hardly anybody ever visits it. Now let’s pretend that Josh links to your website. Hey, that’s great! But now let’s imagine that links to your website too. We do you think Google thinks when it looks at all of this? Do you think they would put more weight on the link from your friend Josh’s website, or do you think they would put more weight towards the link from

If you guessed CNN, then you are right. If CNN links to your website then your website must be pretty darn important, and Google understands that. On the other hand if your friend Josh links to your website, Google realizes that that doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything. The moral of the story is you need to focus on getting as many links as possible, but more importantly as many high quality links as possible.

And you know basically what high-quality links are. Any website with the Google page rank of four or better yet five or higher, is a high-quality website. There are many different methods to check and see what a website’s page rank is so I won’t go into it in this article.

The point is spend most of your SEO time focusing on getting other high-quality websites to link to you. I could write an entire book on how to do that, so obviously I won’t go into it in much more detail in this article. You can do some research on your own and get a pretty good idea of what is necessary in this regard.

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