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When Do Experts Trade The Stock Market?

By Jason Markum

Investing in the stock market can be tricky under the best of circumstances. The average investor needs every trick available keep ahead of the game. Why is that? Because professional investors work day in and day out on Wall Street; they are right in the heart of things and are the first ones to know just about anything. It can be very difficult for the average amateur investor trading for their retirement account to keep pace with the experts.

But knowing a few things that the experts know can help the ordinary investor stay ahead of the game. Knowing when the experts trade on the stock market is something very useful for all amateur investors and that is exactly what I’m going to talk about in this article today.

The fact of the matter is, a popularly traded issue usually shows very distinct tendencies during the course of any given day. The reason for this is simple, traders usually like to buy and sell during certain hours of the day. If you are careful, you can take advantage of these patterns.

Day traders often by early in the morning. If the market seems to be weak, then traders will sell short as soon as possible. Many positions that are held on the NYSE, that’s New York Stock Exchange, are often equalized between 3:30 and 3:45 in the afternoon, for the most part.

On days when the stock market is nominally stronger, you can expect temporary weakness usually around 3:30 in the afternoon because most traders are closing up their long positions at this time. If you are a buyer, then you should try to place an order during this time period. If, on the other hand, you are planning to sell, you should wait until just near the close when prices often recover.

If you get right down to it, another time the day that often shows market weakness is right around noon to 1 PM. If you think about it for a moment, you can determine why this is the case!

If a day tends to be weaker, then you will usually notice that short-sellers can expect some price recovery around 3:30 in the afternoon because it is at that time of the day normally that many traders will begin covering their short positions.

So there you have several distinctive patterns of trading that happen on most days that you can take advantage of with a little careful watching and quick fingers.

Like I said earlier, the average individual amateur investor needs every little trick they can to stay ahead of the game and beat the pants off of the professional investors who work on Wall Street. With these tips, now you can!

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